My mission

is to reveal & realign

who we really arE

by retelling our storIES

& freeing ourselves from the bullshine.

Once upon a time, we were sold a bill of goods. A parent, a boss, an ex-lover told us who we were, and we wore it as our identity. But, personality isn't permanent—it's story. And at any time, we have the opportunity to change it, to become who we're meant to be. 

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I'm almost as PASSIONATE about your weight loss as you are... close second.

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I'm Stephanie Klein.

Author, Screenwriter, Weight Loss Strategist, Mama and Redhead who makes killer tomato sauce.

I'm addicted to guiding people to become the person they want to be in a highly effective, real talk way. Integrity, candor, and compassion are my primary values in all that I do.


From my books

Straight Up and Dirty

Lose the Clock.
Grab the Compass.

straight up and dirty by stephanie klein

“It’s about abandoning your stupid wristwatch and giving your compass a flick to make sure the needle still moves…having the courage to follow in the direction to which it points.”  When we listen to the clock, we're relying on external cues, but when you tap into your internal compass—despite what society tells us we should do—you unlock your power and get unstuck faster. It's all about integrity. Take that, clock.

Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp

Weight Loss Isn't About Knowing the Answers. It's About Living Them.

moose by stephanie klein

“I didn’t want to hear it anymore. Move more. Eat less. Burn more calories than you take in. Gee, thanks. That’s so helpful. I already knew to eat clean and listen to my body, to only eat when I was in a calm mental state. Everyone knew. But when you’re fat in the head, it’s never about knowing the answers. It’s about living them.”

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I'd struggled with my weight my whole life. Been There. Penned a Memoir about That.

Having spent five summers at Fat Camp and seeing a nutritionist since I was eight years old, I thought I was destined to always be fat. "It's in my genes. If I was meant to be thin, I would've been born that way." If I continued to believe that story, I'd keep living it. Instead, I edited the script and wrote a new one.  Read an excerpt of Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp

“It [Moose] combines the classic misery-at-summer-camp story with the lengths we’ll go to get thin.”
–USA Today  

“The memoir, which mixes painful revelations with amusing anecdotes, teems with details, like the sixth-grade Spanish class in which the teacher told students to identify themselves as fat or thin.” –The New York Times

“Candid . . . inspiring . . . With vivid characterizations, spot-on locale descriptions and sly jokes at her own expense, Klein offers an original and touching take on the all-too-common problem of childhood obesity.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Long acclaimed for the sharp and witty insights on her personal blog,, writer Stephanie Klein has now released her second book, Moose, a hilarious and heart-wrenching memoir recounting her adolescent experiences at fat camp.” –Women’s Day

I've Spent Over 10,000 Hours with Thousands of Clients  

Something short goes here about honing techniques through learning writing techniques then applying to achieving goals. I have no idea what that means, but it goes here.

Don't Let Your Mouth Write a Check
That Your Ass Can't Cash.

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