“I already know that.”

How often do you set a goal for yourself and know what to do, know why you want to do it, and still, meh? Knowing isn't doing. So, yeah, you might already know that, but are you doing it...consistently?

Going from the consumption of information to the creation of change is one of the most difficult challenges you can choose to take on. Anyone who tells you otherwise is likely trying to sell you something.

I'm Stephanie Klein, an author, screenwriter, and result coach. Change doesn't happen by nodding your head passively when something rings true. It happens when you create change through doing. Not talking, doing.  I'm addicted to teaching people what I've learned without all the polished bullshine. 

Straight Up and Dirty

Lose the Clock. Grab the Compass.

straight up and dirty by stephanie klein

“It’s about abandoning your stupid wristwatch and giving your compass a flick to make sure the needle still moves…having the courage to follow in the direction to which it points.”  When we listen to the clock, we're relying on external cues, but when you tap into your internal compass—despite what society tells us we should do—you unlock your power and get unstuck faster. It's all about integrity. Take that, clock.

Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp

Weight Loss Isn't About Knowing the Answers. It's About Living Them.

moose by stephanie klein

“I didn’t want to hear it anymore. Move more. Eat less. Burn more calories than you take in. Gee, thanks. That’s so helpful. I already knew to eat clean and listen to my body, to only eat when I was in a calm mental state. Everyone knew. But when you’re fat in the head, it’s never about knowing the answers. It’s about living them.”

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February 23, 2021


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They Say

Peter Strauss

UI Designer

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Julia Stewart

Product Manager

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